Cloud Accounting Services for Business

Imagine a cloud-based business accounting system that allows you to manage all the financial aspects of your business – cash, quotes, billing, purchasing, payroll, job costs, etc. – in real time from anywhere.

Cloud-based business and accounting management systems from Roche offer you all the tools and information you need to run a profitable business from your iPad, iPhone or laptop, anywhere, in real time.

Roche Cloud Accounting System

It starts with getting every part of your business talking to each other online.

With a cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping system, all the moving parts of your business are set up to interact. Data from purchasing, warehousing, receiving and sales all loads into one portal, automatically updating across the system, every time an entry is made. Effectively, this helps to eliminate the traditional 'bookkeeping' step.

One streamlined system links every step of your sales, inventory and financial management processes.

With one entry, you can set up a new customer, prepare a quote, email the quote, and later use the quote in its original or amended form to prepare shipping documents and invoices.

Then the invoice is emailed to your customer and automatically posts to your accounting general ledger, updating the customers accounts and your Accounts Receivable records.

When payment is received, your Accounts Receivable automatically updates, along with your client records, general ledger and bank balance.

When you eliminate duplicate work you can reduce your personnel needs.

Eliminating manual duplication of data entry in this process will allow you to reduce your employee overhead or reassign them to other areas of the business.

Additionally, our Roche Professional Accountant can become your 'time-share' controller who works directly with you to access and review your business records at any time.

In fact, you can potentially out-source your entire accounting department to Roche.

What kinds of business operations can benefit from cloud-based accounting systems from Roche?

Any business can benefit from cloud-based systems. Here are a few examples:

Foodservice - Imagine your cash register linked with your inventory, purchasing and food cost system.

Manufacturing - Imagine all aspects of your parts/supplies costs, labour costs, warehousing and shipping all linked seamlessly and accessible from any device, anywhere.

Service Businesses - Imagine your Human Resource management, payroll, benefits programs and payroll deductions filings linked to productivity and sales, so you can evaluate the production of any employee at any time.

Building Contractors - Imagine being able to make one entry which simultaneously sets up a new customer, prepares and emails a quote, and later uses the quote in its original or amended form to prepare invoices and update your bookkeeping records automatically.

Roche customizes your cloud system to the specific needs of your business.

To create your customized system, we look at all aspects of your business and create a model that works for you.

Virtually any data and financial aspect can be integrated – Inventory Management, Cost Management, POS Systems, AP/AR, Payroll, Benefits, Tax Planning, Accounting, etc.

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