Risk Management on the Wheel of Life

The Roche Financial Wheel of Life provides a model for financial planning and risk management – throughout your life and the life of your business.

As you move through your life, you will make financial decisions at every stage of your journey.

Initially, your considerations are for you only, but as you grow, marry, have children, maybe even open a business and employ others, your financial decision-making will be impacted by those new events and those other people.

To us, 'risk' is not a bad word.

Why? Because none of us can predict anything with absolute certainty.At Roche, we consider that every event in the life of an ordinary person is a risk. Even savings are at risk.

We would be foolish and irresponsible if we were to tell you something will work out in 10 years exactly as we describe it today. Life is a flow, it's ever-changing. The unpredictable events that occur to us, and around us, will always impact where we sit financially at any give point in our lives.

It's how we manage risk that is important.

The philosophical foundation of the services we provide is to continuously search for solutions that help mitigate the risks that arise from each phase of your financial life. Your financial affairs will always move and shift as you progress through life. Roche provides the stabilizing factor that ensures your affairs are well looked after at all stages.

So, what specific risks are we talking about?

Each decision you make concerning each of these phases of your financial life include risk factors. A Roche professional will help guide you through questions such as:From the time you open your first bank account, to your last days of retirement, you will have cash and assets (money, property, stocks), debt (loans, mortgages), taxes to pay, a retirement to manage and an estate to leave to others when you go.

  • Do you have adequate working capital in the bank? How much cash should you have on hand to support your lifestyle at any given time?
  • What risks do you and your family have that should be insured?
  • How will you finance your retirement?
  • What do you want to leave to your heirs?
  • How will you fund your children's education?
  • How will you pay for your first home?
  • What happens if your marital status changes?
  • How are you impacted if your parents live long lives?
  • How does your business impact your personal financial picture?

Risk management requires a comprehensive understanding of all the 'moving pieces'.

And this is where our Roche Certified Financial Planners (CFP) are so valuable. CFPs are specifically trained to understand all the aspects of your financial affairs and how they fit together. They also can help you envision the scope of possibilities when one of those pieces moves or shifts as you progress through life.

Business or personal... it's the same wheel of life, with the same risks.

Our philosophy of risk evaluation and management is the same for your business financial picture as it is for your personal affairs.

You have insurance for your family and you have insurance for your business. You may have personal loans, as well as business loans. Yes, there may be additional components in your business (ie. employee benefits planning), but the process is the same. We look at your entire picture, making recommendations that we believe will balance out to the most positive outcome for you.

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