Other Financial Services for Your Business

The Roche Financial Group can help you with other services, such as out-sourcing all or part of your accounting department.

Outsourcing to Increase Efficiencies

Looking to streamline your in-house bookkeeping or HR team? Are your support requirements sporadic? Talk to us. Roche can help with all the financial 'bits and pieces' that distract from the business-at-hand.

WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board)

WSIB Ontario provides services and information to keep your workers safe and your business covered. Our team at Roche can help you understand WSIB coverage and how to file monthly or quarterly.

New Business Start-Up

Want to start a new business in Ontario? Exciting (and good for our economy)! We can help you with the process and financial planning to establish your new sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation.

Support for Your In-house Bookkeeping Team

Roche has the resources to support your in-house bookkeeping team as they work with the standard accounting software programs, providing guidance and problem solving on issues as they arise.

Additionally, we have devised a new approach to business accounting and financial management that can eliminate most traditional bookkeeping activity.

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