Personal Estate Planning

Personal estate planning with Roche gives you peace of mind that your affairs are in order and will be executed as you intend.

Whether you have many assets or few.... whether you own a business or have been employed all your life... when you pass, you will leave an estate to your heirs and/or beneficiaries.

Roche Estate Planning Services

A well-planned estate is a gift you can give to the next generation.

As your personal and business assets grow, so does the importance of preserving and protecting them through a well-planned estate.

Your personal will is the foundation of your estate plan. A will that is structured well is critical to ensuring family members, friends and charitable organizations benefit from your estate the way you intend it.

What you may not realize is that your will is as much about the accounting of your finances as it is about legal issues and structure.

Through proper planning and execution, your will can help ensure your beneficiaries receive the greatest possible benefits.

How can Roche help?

Working closely with you and your lawyer, our team helps construct appropriate and effective strategies for your personal assets and interests. The services we provide can help to structure your estate to:

  1. Minimize administrative expenses and delays.
  2. Minimize tax implications.
  3. Plan for the smooth transition of your affairs.
  4. Protect the financial interests of your heirs and beneficiaries.
  5. Plan for the transition of your business to a family member.

For you, it means peace of mind. For your beneficiaries, it means less stress.

In a world where financial issues can cause immeasurable anxiety, particularly upon death, you can be confident in our commitment to ensuring that your wishes are structured so that they can be carried out with minimal stress to your beneficiaries.

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