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For over 50 years, Roche has been providing full-service financial planning, taxation and accounting services to families and businesses throughout Ontario. We are here to help ensure your financial affairs are handled thoughtfully, with a focus on the years ahead, while minimizing your tax liabilities for today. Your financial well-being is the driving force behind our work. We are passionate about this and committed to guiding you with intelligence and integrity.

Roche Financial Group serves clients across Toronto, Belleville, Bowmanville, Orangeville, Oshawa, Pickering, Whitby, Trenton, and the surrounding areas.

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Our philosophy at Roche is simple: We are here to help ensure your financial affairs are handled thoughtfully, with a focus on the years ahead, while minimizing your tax liabilities for today.

Your financial life moves and shifts with your real life. We are the stabilizing factor that ensures your affairs are well looked after at all stages.

Your financial well-being is about more than just your taxes.

In any given year, your final tax situation is a reflection of how well your accountant understands your entire financial position. At Roche, we start from the beginning. We ask a lot of questions, gather a lot of information and look at how it all intertwines. Read More >>

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Personal Financial Planning

Our full-spectrum taxation, accounting and planning services help you manage your personal financial affairs intelligently, both today and for the future.

Personal financial planning is a similar process to business planning, but with a different focus. Roche is your partner in guiding you through a process which allows you to clearly see your current situation, as well as a range of possibilities for the future.

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Personal And Trust Taxes

Our Roche Professionals are your partners. Their goal is to help you file a tax return that gains you the maximum benefits today, while setting the foundation for continuing benefits over multiple years.

How difficult can it be to file my personal tax return? Companies with tax filing software try to convince us through advertising that filing of our personal tax return can be simple and straight ...

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