Hanna Sahar

MBA, Ph.D., CLU® Financial Planner

Hanna is one of our core financial planners and a principal at Roche Financial Group who has been with us since 2010. During the past 30 years, Hanna has focused on developing a career in financial services, teaching, and training.

His passion for finances has not been limited to the financial industry – Hanna has a Ph.D. in finance and has taught as a professor at the university level for 10 years. In addition to his Ph.D., Hanna has received a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU©) designation, and a Certificate in Adult Training and Development. In addition, Hanna has his mortgage broker license as well as his life insurance license.

“In my practice, I apply a holistic view towards financial planning, helping people and their families to organize their financial affairs through whatever life throws their way. My passion is in helping you pursuing your life goals through the proper management of your resources.

I never take a narrow approach to your financial health, but consider all areas of your finances including cash management, debt management, tax management, risk management, retirement management, and estate management.

I provide services to individuals, families, and business owners. I plan for the present and the future, providing services involving later-life finances, family and estate planning, and insurance.

I want to be your financial problem solver, letting you worry about the important things in life, and letting me worry about you not outliving your money. Every financial problem has a solution, and I will use investment vehicles, life insurance, critical illness and disability insurance, among others, to overcome those problems.

Lastly, I recognize that finances are not all about the numbers, but about people too. As such, I strive to be as approachable and personable as possible – I want to grow with you as much as I want to grow your accounts.”

(416) 333-3416