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Roche works with your management team to develop corporate tax strategies that minimize tax liability and reduce risk for your business.

In today’s tax intensive environment, the need for an effective and flexible tax strategy is critical. At Roche, we develop tax strategies that minimize your exposure to taxes and reduce risk. We take the time to understand your family dynamics as well as your business so that we can create an overall accounting plan that fits your business model, your growth strategy and your personal objectives.

    • With Roche, you get in-depth tax knowledge as well as personalized service.
    Our practice is designed to provide you with the benefit of both worlds. The Roche team has the breadth and depth of tax knowledge you want; yet, as local offices, we are accessible enough to ensure that your personal needs will be taken care of on a timely basis.
    Preparing and Filing Tax Return at Roche Financial Group Toronto, ON


    • With our thoughtful, intentional planning your corporate tax liability is minimized.

    Most things that a business does have are tax implications. It's our job to educate you about your obligations while doing everything possible to minimize your overall liability. The Roche team is experienced in all areas of corporate tax and can help with your tax planning from business start-up through to retirement and the sale or transfer of your business.

    • We'll work with your management team and tax lawyer to consider all possibilities and give you a map to follow.

    In conjunction with your tax lawyer (should you have one) we help you plan and implement tax strategies and structures to meet your objectives. Because the various financial affairs of your business are interrelated, we like to start at the beginning and look at the entire picture.

    We meet with you and your team to understand your business and assess your needs. We then provide recommendations for minimizing your tax liabilities. This includes an overview of what will be required at year end to complete your corporate taxes, as well as a road map for the year to ensure that your internal financial systems are in place.

    • Preparing and filing your tax return at year-end becomes streamlined.

    When the year is over, your annual corporate tax return will be completed professionally and accurately by our professional accountant in consultation with a Roche Certified Financial Planner.

    • You get our guidance throughout the year, not just at year-end.

    Our approach is to work with you throughout the year, as part of your business and tax management team. In our opinion, financial statements prepared 3 months after year-end have little, if any, value as a business tool.

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