About Roche Financial Corporation


For over 50 years, Roche has been providing full-service financial planning, taxation, and accounting services to families and businesses throughout Ontario.

Our philosophy at Roche is simple: We are here to help ensure your financial affairs are handled thoughtfully, with a focus on the years ahead, while minimizing your tax liabilities for today.

Your financial life moves and shifts with your real life. We are the stabilizing factor that ensures your affairs are well looked after at all stages.

Your financial well-being is about more than just your taxes. In any given year, your final tax situation is a reflection of how well your accountant understands your entire financial position. At Roche, we start from the beginning. We ask a lot of questions, gather a lot of information and look at how it all intertwines.

The result? We see the whole picture... and can make recommendations that benefit all aspects of your financial affairs.

Tax returns are about what happened in your past. We're interested in making your future better. Any tax professional can prepare and file a tax return. A tax return is simply an accounting of things that happened 'last year'. Our tax experts work with Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) to consult on your future and how to minimize your tax obligations through intentional, thoughtful planning.

A decision in one area of your financial world can impact everything else.
All areas of your financial affairs are integrated – your business or employment, your plans for retirement, your assets and debts, your family and estate – and any specific decision in one area can dramatically impact another. Roche offers strategies for financial decision-making that offer you the best overall position for your entire picture.

A decision today can impact the rest of your life... positively or negatively.
It's a fact: people are living longer lives today than 100 years ago. And as we age, we spend more on health care, in addition to the basics of food, shelter, etc. The Roche philosophy focuses on the importance of looking into the future as you make decisions regarding your financial affairs today. Our goal is to ensure that you are well-positioned for the years ahead.

Our Certified Financial Planners are our point of difference.
Your choice for basic accounting services is endless. We know that... and that's why we offer more. Our Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) are the key to the Roche difference. Every accounting professional in the Roche network has our team of CFPs at their disposal to use as a resource. Our professional accountants work very closely with the CFPs from the first assessment of your finances and then at every step of the way as we work with you over the years.

Roche has been providing professional services to clients since 1967.
We have been providing professional tax services to ordinary people for over 50 years. We've taken hundreds of clients through CRA audits and appeals. Our work stands the test of the audit because we know how to document your expenses so that your entitlement to claim can be proven. It's these cumulative years of experience that make the difference when it comes to the details.

The bottom line? We care.
It's who we are... we care about you. Your financial well-being is the driving force behind our work. We are passionate about this and committed to guiding you with intelligence and integrity.



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