Succession Planning for Your Business

Succession planning is a critical financial component for business owners and part of a 'whole life' strategy for maximizing corporate and personal financial positions.

Business succession planning is the process of determining how you are going to transfer your business ownership when it's time to retire, while maximizing financial security for you and your family. It's part of a larger financial planning process that involves all aspects of your business and your family.

Why bother with advance succession planning?

This is a good question. The issues of succession often seems too far out in the future to be of immediate concern. But, the reality is that risks to your business are ever present and can pop-up at any time.

A lack of or a poor plan for transition when you are ready to leave can have a negative impact on the business leading up to the transition. In certain situations, it can even result in business failure.

Your retirement plans may rely on the value of your business.

If you own your own business, it's highly likely that your retirement plans are linked to what your company is worth the day you decide to leave. However, to maximize your net gain, you have to first understand what contributes to the market value of the business. The Roche team will help you through the process of understanding the factors that will increase or decrease the value of your business when you want to sell... and help you with a plan to ensure that your financial return is maximized.

If a family member is taking over your business, complexities can arise with respect to your personal estate planning.

If a family member is to take over the business, your business tax planning immediately becomes interlinked with your personal estate plan. The Roche team will help you plan this process, minimize taxation and provide for family members not involved in the business succession plan.