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The tax professionals at Roche provide guidance for minimizing your personal tax liabilities now and in future years, with filings that are accurate and on-time.

Our Roche Professionals are your partners. Their goal is to help you file a tax return that gains you the maximum benefits today, while setting the foundation for continuing benefits over multiple years.

How difficult can it be to file my personal tax return?

Companies with tax filing software try to convince us through advertising that filing of our personal tax return can be simple and straight forward using their software.

They may be right... if you live alone, own nothing and receive income solely from a single job.

However, if you have a family, income from investments, debts or own a business, these software programs may not be the best choice. Why? Because they cannot 'think'.

They can't 'see' your entire financial picture – your assets and debts, your family structure, your spouse's income,etc. Therefore, they cannot individualize your return the way a tax professional can.

The result? Many people wind up paying more in taxes than they should.

With Roche, we look at the 'big' picture, so you get the best results.

Determining the best tax strategy for you can be confusing... and if you're not an expert, you may not see the entire picture. That's where we come in.

We start by understanding all the financial aspects of your life, including your family and business, if you have one. We take a look at your filing history, look at the tax savings opportunities that are available to you and make recommendations specific to your individual situation.

We also think long-term... whole life-long-term.

In Canada, individuals file a tax return every year of their lives. Although tax filing is a 'reporting' of the past (ie. what happened to you last year), it impacts your future.

When we work with you, we come to understand the dreams you have for the future. We listen to your goals and help you understand how your taxes impact those goals. We work with you to create long-term, forward thinking strategies that will get you closer to your goals, faster.

The process for filing for Trusts is the same.

Trusts, as 'entities', are also required to file a tax return each year. The process we use is the same. What are the goals for the trust and how can we help you minimize tax burdens, so the recipients of the trust are benefited?

If the trust is linked to your personal situation, it's even more important that a professional like our Roche experts are consulted.

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